All about Caribbean Sun Tours Buggy adventure

Considering other options for buggy excursions we can find a lot of them, but this time we will take into consideration Caribbean Sun Tours, with which you can make a tour of the dunes that are in the Bavarian area of Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.

These great buggies are assembled and adapted to give the best performance in each of the tours we do and thus have the full assurance that we have the highest performance of our vehicles and thus be able to fully satisfy the experiences of our customers.

All about Caribbean Sun Tours Buggy adventure
All about Caribbean Sun Tours Buggy adventure

This company performs tours with a reduced number of people, i.e. a number of buggies that do not exceed 10 vehicles, ensuring that we will provide the best possible experience during the tour.

This company is widely recognized for providing the best options for enjoyment and comfort at the time of the excursions to the best sites, giving them to know the best tourist sites in the area in rural sites off the road and public roads.

Other advantages that we offer at the time of making all your adventures is that we do not have any commercial commitment with any kind of souvenirs or souvenir sales and we are totally ecological since we generate our own electricity.

We can also say that they have the privilege of having the exclusive use of the caves that are our property and that can be found a couple of hours away from the busiest part of the Bavarian center minimizing travel time from the site of accommodation of customers to our facilities.

Have a great vacation and enjoy our unique excursion!

Tourists who have contacted this company can mostly say, reading their reviews on TripAdvisor, Expedia, or the social media channels.  They have had a first class experience, having a great time and most of them assure that they would do it again on their next vacation.

One of the tours that gives more satisfaction was in the cave of a million years where all the people who visit this cave share the same opinions about this wonderful natural spectacle, as well as the tour in general.

Among the extra things that this type of adventure offers you can enjoy a unique coffee, it is a coffee that welcomes you and connects you with the culture of its inhabitants. It is also valid to emphasize the excellent work done by our guide every moment of our journey.

There are hundreds of satisfied customers who can comment on the treatment and great service offered by Caribbean Sun Tours, also they say that the staff of this company is extremely cheerful, friendly, respectful and sporty.

Have a great vacation and enjoy our unique excursion!
Have a great vacation and enjoy our unique excursion!

The people, responsible for this company, are characterized by a cordial treatment, offering quality services to all tourists who contact them, highlighting their work as the great team that they are and providing non-stop fun and joy.

The guides offer an excellent experience so, if you decided to try this type of buggy tours, this company will provide an excellent service and surely you will have a memory forever that will also be reflected in the best photographs that can be taken of your experience during this journey like no other.

A real adventure!

Next, we will give you a brief description of a real adventure that you will be able to live if you dare to spend this unforgettable moment in the buggies.

This tour starts looking for the vacationers at the hotel where they are staying, then we are transferred to the ranch which is located an estimated two kilometers from the hotel.

Once there the tourists receive a brief talk where the spectators will be informed about all those things that can be done and those that cannot, as well as the correct way to drive a buggy and our first need to provide our customers the greatest security at the time of our excursions.

In a quick but detailed way it will be explained to the clients that they must wear a light weight protective helmet on their head that will also be necessary to wear when visiting the caves.

With Caribbean Sun Tours you can spend time in some tourist places of enjoyment of approximately 10 kilometers offering a variety of beautiful and unique vegetation, rocks and mountains.

Focus on the destination

After half an hour of driving and missing approximately two kilometers to reach the destination which are the caves there will be a stop, tourists will stop for a brief moment to refresh themselves drinking water or any other type of drink to quench thirst or just a delicious cup of coffee or Dominican chocolate to replenish your energy.

Focus on the destination
Focus on the destination

Upon arriving at the final destination and after having had a great experience traveling and driving the buggies, a new stop is made, where a brief talk of approximately 5 minutes is given about what can or cannot be done in these beautiful and popular caves full of large stalactites with lighting and very pleasant music.

The path through the caves is bumpy and uneven, as we are not talking about a cave for commercial purposes. Throughout the tour the guide will tell us interesting facts about these amazing rock formations.

After a long tour of the interior, the tourists will be told that it is time to go back to the beginning of the fantasy cave by going up the Bedrock City stairs. There they will find the most wonderful scenery on the planet.

The tour to Bedrock City will last approximately 15 minutes and upon returning from this beautiful experience you can enjoy a refreshing drink at the bar at the entrance of the cave and sit down to relive and comment on this magical adventure.

Then after all this amazing experience you return to the ranch where there is the need to buy photos of the excursion and other souvenirs offered in the store, enjoy the bar with its typical Dominican flavor drinks.

Finally, we advise you not to miss this unique adventure. To make a reservation for one of these buggies you will have a lot of options considering that the rides start at 10 am and last until 2 pm in the afternoon.

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