Enjoy an extreme adventure in buggies, where you will visit wonderful places like Macao Beach, an incredible cave called Taina, where you can swim and enjoy its divine crystalline waters.

Here you can learn a little more about the Taino culture, where you will appreciate the charming life and customs of the indigenous people, and how they lived in the Taina village. You will also be able to taste and enjoy the best Dominican products.

The area of Bavaro, Punta Cana, is located in the eastern region of the Dominican Republic and is the area of the most demanded resorts by local and international tourism, attracted by its comfortable resorts nestled in its miles of white sand beaches and coconut trees.

Extreme Buggy Adventure
Extreme Buggy Adventure

This place is ideal for those who are looking for tranquility, but do not want to give up entertainment, the area of Bavaro Punta Cana has a company No. 1 in extreme sports service, we are talking about our company Caribbean Sun tours.

Come and enjoy a cultural and fun tour where you will know the true face of Dominican life starting the tour in our Macao Ranch, is where it all begins.

From the construction of the buggies to the departure of the excursion without omitting the very important reception of our guests.

This ranch is a cozy place to offer the highest quality of customer service because there is a team of passionate and willing to offer a differentiating experience in tourism, focused on the greatest satisfaction: that tourists have a great time.

The best Buggy Ride in Punta Cana

Caribbean Sun Tours offers you the best buggy ride in Punta Cana, our buggies will give you the most fascinating sensation that you can have with these particular vehicles, either when driving it or traveling as a companion,

In this tour, you will enjoy the most amazing excursion in Punta Cana, where you can choose between a waterfall, cave, beach, or viisit an impressive Taina city while driving our buggies, specially designed for your enjoyment.

By buggy you can also visit a beautiful place called Adventure Cave Kingdom, it is the only private property located in the El Salao sector, with a natural cenote of crystalline waters in which you can enjoy a nice bath.

Extreme Buggy Adventure
Extreme Buggy Adventure

Visiting this place is magical. Tourists enjoy every minute of this beautiful waterfall, whose existence takes us back to the time of the Taino Indians and in turn, teaches us the different plantations such as coffee, cocoa, and tobacco.

This wonderful place has ample green areas, a beautiful orchid garden, and plantations of endemic products of the region such as coffee, cocoa, and tobacco.

The next destination is Macao Beach, which is located north of Punta Cana, this white sand beach is very popular for being a relaxation spot.

Macao is ideal to stop the buggies for a moment, get out of them and walk on its white sands.

If you are a surf lover, but at the same time a novice, in Macao, you can also practice this sport, not precisely because of its big waves but because this beach is very quiet and shallow.

Macao also has a spectacular fauna, there you can have direct contact with some unique specimens of iguanas and monkeys that are quite friendly with tourists.

Another wonderful thing you can enjoy in Macao is a diversity of dishes including the popular fried fish, you could also buy handicrafts, souvenirs made by the inhabitants of that place. 

Choose the best buggies

Caribbean Sun Tours has the best adventure and discovery combos, come and choose your buggy.

Extreme Buggy Adventure
Extreme Buggy Adventure

What characterizes us as a company is our service, we work with passion, dedication, honesty, respect, and responsibility. 

Caribbean Sun Tours, is the company that assures you a great time while driving our buggies, ideal to ensure the best tour and the best entertainment.

One excursion and you visit all the places, very entertaining and with security by the guides.

Tourists who have had the opportunity to take this tour and enjoy a buggy adventur, say that it is a very nice experience, and you can relive as many times as you want those memories through the photos we take during the tour.

In short words, with us, you can live to the fullest an experience that will make you feel more alive, adventure lover, and adrenaline running through your veins. 

This tour is approximately 3 hours, between buggies, beach, a natural lagoon that you will be able to see and feel live.

Many tourists jokingly warn other tourists who have not yet lived this wonderful experience to be prepared to eat dirt because with the buggies you will get muddy from head to toe but in a pleasant way.

At the moment of tasting the exquisite coffee, you will also be able to learn in detail about its history, tradition, and preparation.

Something that is important to note is that with this activity

the company makes important donations to a school where children have a great opportunity to be formed.

As a recommendation, we suggest you bring cash so that you can tip and that is very useful for the people who lovingly provide attention and valuable information to all present.

In this spectacular tour, we are pleased to offer you a rich feast at the end of the tour, where you can find appetizers, a variety of dishes, and desserts, water is also included as a beverage. And if you wish to purchase refreshments, they are also available.

Finally, we can say that do not stop enjoying this wonderful experience, put together your groups, with family, friends, co-workers, college friends or even with tourists that you get on the road.

You only have to contact the company that most attracts you, for example, we offer guaranteed service, the best attention, then, you already have your bags ready to come and enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Don’t wait any longer, contact us and have an unforgettable vacation with the best buggy tour in the Dominican Republic. With Caribbean Sun Tours the fun is guaranteed.

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