I love the meaningful phrase that said “The purpose of life is to live it” and that’s true. So, you won’t be disappointed if you decide to take the fun Buggy Tour. It is definitely a Must.

These are fun little buggies. They’re not easy to drive, but that’s part of the fun, and if you know how to drive a manual gear box, this is for you.

This will be by far the most fun and interesting activity you must do when you will arrive to the Island. It is a pretty rough ride half the time, going off the beaten path, so you will get dirty, wet, sweaty.

Trust me, you won’t regret it. The tour of the real Dominican. It is an excellent tour and Tour guides are such nice and very informative. You get to see how Dominican islanders live.

Fun Buggies are really funny
Fun Buggies are really funny

Fun Buggy makes the opportunity to see the side of Punta Cana no other tour or vacation will allow you to see. You must know how to drive a stick and be comfortable driving on roads that are really not roads.

The buggy plan is also ideal to do it in the company of teenagers and children, it is an adventure that includes the tour in the buggies, a visit to a cenote and a spectacular beach.

If you have any hesitations about safety, forget it. This is totally safe and fun. Another couple came along for their first trip and were more than pleasantly pleased.

Enjoying the most unique places!

You’ll get to drive around the local villages, these are important places will allow you to experiment a unique and funny experience, and see local way of living and get so much information about the culture among others. 

When you visit the cigar plant you can also buy if you want some fantastic stogies at a very reasonable price, to a rum and chocolate manufactured by themselves.  Yes, a rum lounge and a chocolate place, free samples for you!

You and your family will spend an unforgettable day on the beach all day long. The first stop is El Buren; a Dominican family I’ve been to for 20 years.

People will be able to roll their own cigar; this is a very cool experience. You will have a blast. It’s Highly recommended.

There is a grocery store with all the details. There is an interesting story, there is also a house. With some buggy tours you can watch a traditional sport of the country.

Some trips can include a small horseback trip, see the beautiful countryside at the beginning of the Maimon River. If you don’t want to ride a horse, no problem, just enjoy the show.

From the ranch, continue on the Macao Beach, past various small communities and the big town of La Ceiba. Macao Beach is a great stop to take a dip.

You can go swimming on the beach or just relax. Don’t hurry. From that wonderful beach we return to Bavaro.

Meet the most professional Tour Guides of the Island

Fun Buggies are really funny
Fun Buggies are really funny

The tour guides make sure tourist are going to stay safe and saw as much of the scenery and local traditions as possible. Another plus about Tour guides is they will be able to change from one language to another is quite impressive!

Tour guides can speak at least 5 languages and is able to answer any questions you have. It is pretty amazing, because they always have an answer for you no matter the language you speak.

Tourist will drive through the roads of Punta Cana, you will visit a ranch, and a kind of grocery store, a small school, having a delicious lunch, take a horseback riding, visit the beautiful beaches and enjoy the most interesting stops.

A homemade lunch will be providing to you. There you will be at a local restaurant where you can taste the most unique and local flavors of the Island.

Food is absolutely delicious, even better than what is offered in the hotels. You can visit a very professional bar setup and again no pressure to buy anything, but there is the option to buy if want.

Having fun and enjoying your life with fun buggies!

Fun buggies tour is going to give you meaningful experience, from gaining knowledge of the area and culture to having a fantastic fun, lots of scenery, and self-paced based on the groups preferences. 

So, if you want to discover the real Dominican Republic and get a fun trip doing so, take this great tour. The trip is interesting, instructive, and most of all, fun. This is a full active activity.

Let’s take a brief summary about all the activities you can do there: horseback riding, nice local lunch, a stop at a small cigar place and if you buy some cigars, you get to roll your own. It is absolutely a Great experience.

Macao beach Tourist will feel really amazed because It’s a beautiful beach! There’re also some local retailers selling souvenirs and other products, and if you decide purchasing anything, remember to bargain with sellers they are kind and going to give a good price.

You get to visit a local house in a small village, see how the people leave there, how the children go to the small school, the little shopping retailers.

Fun Buggies are really funny
Fun Buggies are really funny

Even in this tour Tourist can watch a rooster fight demonstration. The fight of the cook, sad but yes. It’s a tradition.  If you don’t want to support it, I will understand you but just try to assimilate that this is part of Dominicans’ culture.

You will also see houses and small shop in their small local market. This excursion lets you experience some the great things Punta Cana has to offer. Don’t lose the opportunity to get this tour.

Finally, I just want to say there are so many things to see and do and to learn their way of life. It will be a pleasant and adventurous day. So, do you want to lose this adventure? Fun Buggy is a must. You won’t be disappointed.

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